High Speed Fold-Up Doors

High Speed Fold-Up DoorsIf you have a large opening that is subject to windy conditions, Securodoor High Speed Fold-up doors are the answer.

Thanks to the speed of opening and closing and the seal qualities, the high speed doors reduce heat loss and therefore improve working conditions, while making significant savings on heating costs. Vertical movement is actuated by lift belts, which progressively pack the sections at the top of the door.

Constructed with the best materials and electronic components available, the doors are tested to resist the harshest treatment in industrial and commercial applications.

Our range of Fold-up High Speed Doors are in fact the original type of fast door that have been sold for many years. They still remain the most popular model for applications on external openings.

High Speed Fold-Up Doors –¬†Standard Package includes:

  • Self-supporting Galvanised Structure with Hood and Motor Cover.
  • One row of Vision Windows.
  • Manual emergency opening by pull cord and rod at ground level
  • Standard Control Panel IP55 (Up Button & Red Stop/Emergency Button)
  • Two pairs of Transmitter/Receiver type Safety Photocells. (IP55)
  • Curtain slides with one pair of above photocells internally fitted.
  • Bottom Safety Edge.